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Vision and Mission of DOI-OJS


DOIOJS envisions a future where every digital object is uniquely identified and easily accessible through our DOI system. We strive to become the leading global platform that simplifies the process of DOIOJS assignment, streamlines content discovery, and fosters collaboration among researchers, authors, and content providers.


Our mission at DOIOJS is to empower the global digital landscape by providing a seamless, efficient, and reliable digital object identifier (DOIOJS) open journal system. We aim to facilitate universal access to research, scholarly content, and various digital assets while ensuring their accurate identification and attribution.

Who we are?

DOIOJS is a pioneering digital platform that revolutionizes the way scholarly content is identified, accessed, and disseminated across the world. As an independent and innovative service, DOIOJS stands out among other DOI providers, offering a unique and comprehensive approach to meeting the growing demands of the academic community.

Why Choose Us?

DOIOJS is a pioneering company dedicated to revolutionizing the way digital objects are identified and managed. Our platform offers comprehensive DOI solutions to publishers, content creators, and academic institutions, enabling them to efficiently allocate DOIs to diverse digital resources, including research papers, datasets, software, multimedia content, and more.

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Key Features and Benefits:

  • Seamless DOIOJS Assignment: Our user-friendly interface facilitates hassle-free DOI registration, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for content providers and authors.
  • Universal Accessibility: We enable widespread access to digital objects through DOIs, facilitating easy retrieval and citation, thereby enhancing the visibility and impact of scholarly content.
  • Reliable and Persistent Identifiers: DOIOJS guarantees the permanence and stability of DOIs, preventing link rot and providing a reliable means of reference over time.
  • Collaboration and Integration: Our platform encourages collaboration between researchers and content providers, fostering a more connected and engaged academic community.
  • Robust Analytics: We offer comprehensive analytics and reporting tools to track DOI usage, enabling content creators to gain insights into the impact and reach of their digital assets.
  • Exceptional Support: Our dedicated customer support team ensures prompt assistance and guidance to users, offering a satisfying and fulfilling experience with DOIOJS.

Trusted by Organizations

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Commitment to Advancement

We are committed to staying at the forefront of DOI technology. Our team of experts continually explores new innovations and incorporates the latest advancements to enhance our services continually. As the digital landscape evolves, we remain adaptable and responsive to the changing needs of our users.

Join us

on our journey to shape the future of digital identification and knowledge sharing. At DOI-OJS, we believe that a well-connected and accessible digital world can foster collaboration, accelerate research, and drive societal progress. Together, let’s unlock the true potential of digital assets and empower the global academic and research community.